Experience the non-disruptive, technological enhancements to the BWIC/OWIC process.

The WIC Platform semi-automates BWIC/OWIC administration, whilst respecting the current Dealer/Client information and value chain. It enables all parties to experience a streamlined version of various aspects of the existing process. Additionally, it is designed for multi-asset class adaptation.

Relationship-based Transaction

Access to a BWIC page will be derived from your relationship with either the Originator or an Invited Dealer. 

Relationships are established by a one off, “Facebook/Insta” type invitation once established, parties will be able to see all future BWICs distributed by that party.

WIC replicates the current information & value chain

What you get



End Bidders

Technology powered by

Artis developed the technology and workflow solutions in partnership with Etrading Software, a London based technology and managed services firm that specialises in building and managing multiparty financial workflows and technology, across the Fixed Income Market which solve for the challenges of the existing and future state of the market.


Artis leverages Etrading Software’s technology development, platform business management, deep knowledge and expertise of the financial markets to deliver intuitive front office solutions, that can be seamlessly tailored and scaled across asset-classes and regions, to deliver for our clients.

Key features

Originators will gain access to ALL BIDS submitted during the BWIC

Greater transparency on BWIC economics

Originators will have option to share information with winning Dealers and even winning end Bidders

Greater accuracy of Cover prices and timing of release of cover prices

Instantaneous calculation of Best Execution options

Data Analysis at back end

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